So, you want a website (part 1)…

(Part 1 of a series)

Any dolt can make a website, but it takes patience and work to make a successful website.

It’s tempting to dive in and buy a domain name, sign up for hosting, and start posting content. But there be dragons! The result will be a big mess of content, poorly organized and difficult to use.

The first thing you need to do is describe the primary purpose of your website. Start with a single sentence: a statement of purpose. For example:

My website will showcase my writing.

It’s simple and concise. If you cannot state a purpose for your website, why do you want one?

After that, the rest is easy. Maybe there are a few other things you want to accomplish with the site like promote an editing service, photography, or distribute course materials. Those are all great, and they support the goals of the website in some way.

The second thing to do is write down all of the other things you want to do with your website, and how each of those goals supports the purpose of the website.

My website will promote my writing. It will also advertise my editing business and photography. I’ll use the photos to highlight different writing samples. I’ll publish samples and links to reviews of my writing. Hopefully I can get some YouTube videos of readings of my work to post here as well.

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