The Nature of Code - Daniel Shiffman

Submitted by michael on Tue, 01/08/2019 - 13:05

At ITP, I teach a course entitled Introduction to Computational Media. In this course, the students learn the basics of programming (variables, conditionals, loops, objects, arrays) as well as a survey of applications related to making interactive projects (images, pixels, computer vision, networking, data, 3D). The course mostly follows the material found in my intro book Learning Processing; in many ways, The Nature of Code serves as a follow-up. Once you’ve learned the basics and seen an array of applications, your next step might be to delve deeply into a particular area. For example, you could focus on computer vision (and read a book like Greg Borenstein’s Making Things See). In the most basic sense, this book is one possible next step in a world of many. It picks up exactly where Learning Processingleaves off, demonstrating more advanced programming techniques with Processing that focus on algorithms and simulation.