Paul Bourke has some images and explanation of the thorn fractal. This implementation features some naive anti-aliasing, iterative improvement, and it's open source.

The fractal is generated by computing the escape time for the functions

$$ x_n+1 = \frac{x_n}{\cos(y_n)} + cx $$

$$ y_n+1 = \frac{y_n}{\sin(x_n)}+ cy $$

New Repository

Git will use a user-defined template when starting a new git repository, so configure that template to use "main" instead of the default.

git config --global init.templateDir '~/.git-template'
cp -r /usr/local/share/git-core/templates ~/.git-template
echo 'ref: refs/heads/main' > ~/.git-template/HEAD

From that point on git init will use the template with the HEAD pointing to main.

Existing Repository

Randomly choose some affine transformations and apply them randomly to a point. Colour the transformed point based on the selected transfomation.

Drawing mostly-transparent shapes to the canvas as fast as possible.

Rain drops keep falling on my head.